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We just love empanadas!

Delicatessen Patagonia, now renamed PF by Delicatessen Patagonia, has been in Miami for more than 6 years. Since it’s beginnings, it has been owned and managed by two sisters from Venezuela; what started as a business in order to get the US residency ended up being a family passion. Zule and Lexi, are the sisters behind this Latin inspired eatery corner, where its bestseller range from Latin bowls to Argentinian empanadas and pastries. This sisters combined their successful careers, one an accountant and the other one a chef, to run their business with an only girl’s team.


From preparing and assembling each product on their menu to greeting you at the cashier to take your order, you will be greeted by a team of girls who consider them a family. They work around the clock to ensure the best taste is achieved and make the wide variety of products available for dine-in or take-away. Traditional family values, recipes, flavor and food is what inspired the creation of PF.

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